The Real World Challenge: The Transition from High School to College

By Alicia Green

The end of senior year is a momentous time for seniors. The realization that high school is finally over kicks in. All the hard work and studying finally paid off.

As a graduate of high school, the real world awaits your arrival. At first you are excited to embark on this new chapter in your life, but then you become hesitant. The idea of college begins to freak you out a little. Are you prepared for it?

It is common for high school students, especially seniors, to fear the idea of college. They are not sure if they will adapt to the change, if the work will be harder, or how they will feel about it. Feeling that way is totally fine because it is going to be a whole new environment. There will be new teachers to deal with, new friends to make, new names to remember, and a list that goes on.

Most college freshmen are afraid of the course load when they enter college. Before graduating high school teachers told you that college was nothing like high school. They constantly bickered at you about slacking off because in college it would not be tolerated. Your teachers would tell you that the professors at universities were not as lenient and nice as they were. Constantly they would fill your head up with all the stories of college to scare you.

However, your teachers were right; College is different from high school in many ways; the work load is plenty, professors follow their syllabi strictly, and studying intensifies. But don’t let your teachers fool you into thinking that it is college is something you have to fear because it’s not.

If you come to college with the mentality that all you’re going to do is party then you are setting yourself up for failure. College is a place to have fun, but not to the point you fall behind in your academics and lose focus. A majority of freshmen in college usually think it is okay to party every weekend and do their work last minute. The main reason you came to school was to get an education. Work hard first then play later.

College students that are serious about their education feel the opposite when it comes to school. They constantly can be found in their rooms or at the library doing work. Their goal is to have a high grade point average by the end of the school year.

There is plenty advice that can be given to students trying to make an easy transition in college.

Incoming freshmen should always make sure they pick courses that will benefit them, not hurt them in the long-run. If a course is not for you after taking two classes, it is best to drop it and find another one that suits you. Try to get your core classes out of the way, or take a mixture of your core and major classes.

Always look into your major before choosing it. If you are not too sure about your major or don’t like it, look into other majors that may interest you before you go in-depth with your current choice.

You should always put your academics before anything else. Don’t let partying take over your life. Studying is also important because you don’t want to be blindsided when you have midterms or finals.

The transition from high school to college can be a stressful or successful process for some students. It all depends on how students react to the pressure of college.

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